alana’s tiny revolution

  • date: 14 october 2019
  • challenge category: ethics
  • selected tactic: tiny identity correction
  • difficulty rating: lawyer up
  • current status: queued for doing

the submission:

Today, I feel overwhelmed by the government’s “talking points” which were released by mistake to the National Press Club. What they show is the script behind the daily political rhetoric that shapes this country. I want to dismantle that script. How can we leave the government script-less? How can we stop their repetition becoming a truth?

alana, 14.10.19.

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

cutting existing video footage of an interview after the leak of talking points to the press.
intercut with script based commentary in relation to the talking points and their performativity.

how can we do it?

screened a regular intervals via the public screen outside pica.

where does it need to take place?

existing interview footage with text or subtitles.
show on pica screen or yagan square screen.

are there any legal implications to the activity?

use of existing news footage that has already gone up for air. how do we get permission to use this? [or not?]

a new narrative for alana:

writing alana’s script moved the idea into the ‘too big’ terrain and we could not get it completed in time.

tactic: identity correction