ania’s tiny revolution

  • date: 22 march 2021
  • challenge category: wealth inequality
  • selected tactic: tiny flash mob
  • difficulty rating: 
  • current status: queued for thinking

the submission:

what overwhelms you?

“something awful is occurring in so-called “Australia” right now. Wealthy investors and cash-up boomers with disposal incomes “because of Covid” are buying up all the houses, all the available property. Low-income tenants are being served letters that state a possible 20% increase in their rents will happen. People’s thirst for AirBnb is pushing people out of the rental market… with nowhere to go, not even in the regional areas. To purchase a house as low-income earner means you need to instantly enter an impossible bidding war and be stamped out by offers over and beyond most people’s capacity to pay.”

ania, 22.3.21.