anita’s tiny revolution

  • challenge category: democracy
  • date: 28 september 2019
  • selected tactic: tiny identity correction
  • difficulty rating: doable
  • current status: queued for doing

the submission:

“Democracy has been co-opted by those with economic and political power. Decisions are being made about our futures by a small number of people who don’t care about the majority. It seems there is little the majority can do about it.

anita, 28.9.19.

the thinking:

what can we do?

invitation for members of the public to take part in a live sortition game / experiment which allocates positions of parliamentary responsibility to them. the aim is to encourage a sense of ownership over the political process.

how can we do it?

a live bingo game / mashed up with the ‘guess who’ / ‘connect 4’ games enacted in public. each person sorted will then be sworn in as our representative.

we then present the new ministerial cabinet to the press? / public.

where does it need to take place?

the street, or outside council house or near the aec / polling places.

are there any legal implications to the activity?

vacinity to aec is problematic.
possible defamation if we are using existing politicians names.


the doing:

this idea became waaaaay too big for us to undertake during the do week.

tactic: identity correction