belinda’s tiny revolution

  • date: 12 october 2019
  • challenge category: wealth inequality
  • selected tactic: tiny forgery
  • difficulty rating: doable
  • current status: completed

the doing: reclaiming barangaroo for belinda

the rebels tabled belinda’s concerns about wealth inequality in australia stemming from stolen, unceded lands and created a real estate video advert at contested building site, barangaroo. the real estate agent walks the viewer through the construction site, altering the narrative by stating that the buildings are being dismantled and reclaimed on behalf of the people of nsw.

the submission:

what overwhelms you?

“Vast disparity of wealth locks generations into systems of unequal access to opportunity. Embedded poverty, helplessness, poor health result. Those with wealth and power dominate discourse, alternative perspectives are veiled.”


“Despite supposedly good intentions of political systems, whether democratic, socialist or otherwise, this issue perpetuates throughout time. It seems to be an innate human trait to leverage positions of power to improve one’s own position.”

belinda, 17.9.20.

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

depictions of wealth – grains of rice
countries that create a culture of honour connected with paying tax
connecting the wealthy with poorer communities to help allocate money where it needs to go

how can we do it?

replacing for sale signs with reclaimed signs

where does it need to take place?

construction boarding around specific place

are there any legal implications to the activity?

need to make it clear parody
if it’s a video, as long as it’s moving through the public space it should be okay?