danielle’s tiny revolution

  • date: 1 october 2020
  • challenge category: rapid tech advancement
  • selected tactic: tiny dentity correction
  • difficulty rating: 
  • current status: queued for doing

the submission:

what overwhelms you?

“Propoganda through bots posing as people online. Here’s an example of bots being used to promote opening the USA border” Roughly half the Twitter accounts pushing to ‘reopen America’ are bots, researchers found” article published May 22.”


“Aaaaaaaagh Bots, fake people to influence the masses, making it look like the masses are already behind it, fake, insane… fucked.”

danielle, 1.10.20.

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

danielle was concerned with bots spreading propaganda we spoke about the need to tell the truth and how to amplify that simple message.

concerned about fake identities

how can we do it?

the message to spread would be ‘don’t believe the hype’

go into bunnings and 41 patti smith impersonators ???

where does it need to take place?


are there any legal implications to the activity?