danielle’s tiny revolution

  • date: 17 october 2019
  • challenge category: organised crime
  • selected tactic: invisible performance
  • difficulty rating: doable
  • current status: completed

artwash award for danielle

danielle, who put in the original submission, joined the tiny revolutions team to create the art wash award to give to chevron. 

the rebels delivered the award to chevron’s hq and organised to have it placed on the general manager’s desk.

the submission:

“I’m overwhelmed how mining industries fund most of the art institutions in Australia https://kumu.io/GdV/fossil-fuels-the-arts we act as their extended cultural arm, we facilitate them and they us… deeply.”

danielle, 15.10.19

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

the think tank were keen to explore how we can flush the oil and gas from our cultural institutions and reclaim some of the power back. 

how do the arts wean themselves off fossil fuel sponsorship at a time when government arts funding has reached a critical low point? what are the alternative sources of income available? do mining companies latch onto a better reputation by association with the arts? 

final evolution of the idea was to establish annual artwash awards and nominate a mining org as the inaugural recipient.

the biggest emissions polluter in wa – chevron

chevron researched information 

chevron is australias biggest carbon polluter nationally. in 2016/17 they were responsible for 12million tonnes of carbon emissions. and are jeopardising chances of australia reaching its paris target emissions.
wa – chevron have 2 large lng processing plants, mining shale / tight gas and coal seams = fracking.
fracking extraction requires massive amounts of water. 
shale gas extraction causes contamination of ground water. heavy metals leak into water table. research has shown higher levels of arsnic, salinity, methane and radioactivity in areas where fracking occurs.

chevron stats:
2018 earnings – $3.8b per year = $3.2million a day
annual climate lobby spend = $29million
tax paid – 0

chevron could go carbon neutral for 2% of their profits.

how can we do it?

the artwash award is for outstanding contribution to arts sponsorship in western australia. the artwash award recognises mining industries highly effective public relations strategy of laundering their own social responsibility through arts sponsorship. 

the award is made by the taskforce and gifted to chevron.

the award is sculpted by danielle who put in the original submission.

where does it need to take place?

chevron offices in qv1 building, perth

are there any legal implications to the activity?

lawyer up for this one. 

tactic: invisible performance