davina’s tiny revolution

  • date: 14 october 2019
  • challenge category: health
  • selected tactic: tiny forgery
  • difficulty rating: easy
  • current status: completed

sexy tomato for davina

the tiny revolutions team tried out lots of different ways to make the sexiest tomato, glitter, giving it lips, make it very shiny, eventually they decided on some shine and studs. 

sexy tomato remained on display at PICA for several months. take a look at the photo gallery.  

the submission:

I worry about genetically modified food, what’s it doing to our health and our normal body function. What are the chemicals added to things doing, are they causing new diseases?

I worry about rising levels of cancer, they used to say 1 in 5 women would get breast cancer, now it’s much higher. Why are so many children being diagnosed as ADHD , depression is on the rise, is genetically modified food the reason.

davina, 14.10.19.

 the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

discussion focussed on how our food is made to look pretty, rather than profiled on it’s nutritional value.

what happens to all those carrots that are not straight enough, or tomatoes that are not shiny enough. the final idea was to highlight this obsession by making the world’s most attractive tomato, dubbed sexy tomato.

creating a tomato that is worthy of being displayed in an art gallery 

how can we do it?

maybe the tomato can be covered in glitter, or made extra shiny. it can be displayed on a plinth at the perth institute of contemporary arts.

where does it need to take place?

in an art gallery

are there any legal implications to the activity?


tactic: forgery