deborah’s tiny revolution

  • date: 28 september 2019
  • challenge category: climate crisis
  • selected tactic: tiny sabotage
  • difficulty rating: tricky
  • current status: on hold

deborah’s children’s court:

children holding our political leaders accountable

the submission:

“I’m overwhelmed because I don’t think any politician promising the action our planet needs RIGHT NOW is electable. I’m pretty sure that democracy (even the diminished version we have) is not capable of offering total economic and energy transformation. I’m not at all keen on authoritarianism but I’m failing to imagine any other way. Please help!

deborah, 28.9.19.

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

a children’s court – holding those in political power to account for their actions or inactions on the climate crisis.

how can we do it?

list of accountable actions.
punishments set/from children.
sending out fines to politicians.
punishments become more serious if ignored.

where does it need to take place?

1. school.
2. public space.
3. agwa court.

are there any legal implications to the activity?

working with minors / children.
location permission.
if at a school possibly done as a workshop.

too big?:

during a 30 minute brainstorm session the think tank discussed many wide ranging issues relating to john’s submission. 

however, after the brainstorm was completed and the children’s court selected this challenge was deemed too large in scale to progress within time limit. 


tactic: sabotage