denise’s tiny revolution

  • date: 14 october 2019
  • challenge category: status of women
  • selected tactic: tiny declaration
  • difficulty rating: doable 
  • current status: queued for doing

the submission:

I am Italian. I ta lia na. From Bologna. Live in Kununurra. Never mind. Point is that I just seen on National Italian tv an interview by the Most Despicable Avvocato Maria Antonia Cetra, God-have-Mercy-Upon-Us. Miserere Nobis. This individual, a registered Barrister in the Lazio Region was appointed as defense lawyer to a murderer. Never mind. Each to their own. An assassin has yet some legal rights, in civilized Italy. Never mind. One of 4 brutes, he was, the fella. Randomly minding his own very business, one fateful night. Quartiere S Lorenzo, Roma. Even St Laurence himself fell that night, from the Heavens, as stars do on S Laurence’s night, the 10th of August. Indeed a Meteorite should take upon the Lawyer Cetra, like the big one landed on the Tanimite Desert, other side of Balgo. Never mind. The 4 Brutes did a bit of that of the other and -oh shit- by huff and by puff they allegedly ended up raping and brutally killing 16 year old Desiree’. A girl with metal braces. Never mind.

The appointed lawyer has indeed the scope of getting the Brute assassin a free man, or -at the very least- to bargain a group discount. Flybuys. 4 for the price of 3. If you look up Maria Antonia Cetra, legal firm in Latina and if you do read a wee bit of Iitalian you will see that she has proudly ran such firm for 40 good years. Anyhow. Barrister Cetra decided that it was all Desiree’s fault. No, worse. Wait. W a i t. Desiree’ was under age, a minor, a minor with dental braces, reportedly used some…was it pills? was it marijuana, or Maria Giovanna as the Italians said in the 70s? Anyhow, never mind. Desiree’, a minor, possibly anorexic, metallic dental braces, the girl had issues. But, shit she is dead now! Exactly! Her legal guardians’ fault! They failed to protect!

Barrister Cetra has an Epiphany and lodges a Child Protection referral to the Children’s Court, post mortem. Yes, you read correctly, the parents clearly failed to collect Desiree’ from S Lorenzo that evening and we hear…ah even the nonna was a bit dubious, hei! Fact is. Clearly it is their fault that they abandoned such a skinny metallic ornated young woman in a location where males truly walk about and they experience a body/mind dysplaxia under Mercury retrograde and they cannot but assault, group rape and leave a woman for dead. This is the interview given to TG1 Lazio last week, I kid you not. Never mind. I DEMAND this abomination to be imprinted upon people’s fragile egos and that Lawyer to be sent to pick capers upon the shore of Lampedusa where North African refugees (deserted by Political Infamy, like Desiree’) wash upon the smooth sand dead and bloated. Shame on you!

denise, 14.10.19.

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

we were deeply moved by denise’s submission. the think tank discussed ways in which we could show solidarity in a declaration of justice for desirée.
our idea is a call and response reading of the court transcript of the murder and rape of desirée.
after each statement the response is ‘never mind,’ the repeated words in the submission. this would shift to ‘we mind’ in solidarity.

how can we do it?

will need to get the official transcript from public records and get it translated.

where does it need to take place?

filmed and sent to the defence law firm as well as posted online and sent to denise.

are there any legal implications to the activity?

none identified.

what happened?

we were unable to get hold of the original court transcript, so unfortunately could not proceed with the idea in time.