francoise’s tiny revolution

  • date: 18 april 2021
  • challenge category: education
  • selected tactic: slogan
  • difficulty rating: tricky
  • current status: completed

the doing: a tiny tik tok

pvi rebels used tik tok as a scaffold to create a call and response “what do you want to learn in school? chant “what do you wanna learn?” “where do you wanna learn it? school!” the initial call and response was actioned by mini pvi rebels and hashtagged. we are still open to responses.

the submission:

what overwhelms you?

 “in a nutshell … it has been proven beyond doubt that education and more specically the education of women is a leading factor in improving conditions in all communities across the world: in more empoverished countries still developing and even in countries such as Australia where many children somehow slip through the gaps of our formal education system for many reasons. Why is this so hard to crack?”

francoise, 18.4.21.

the thinking:

thinkers at the table:

rebel kate, rebel manal, rebel toby, rebel claire

summary of the submission

key points:
education is the way out for communities
draw the link between well being of individuals to well being of communities.
difference between ‘real world’ education and formal education

think time allocated: 60 mins

the rebel meetings were often rowdy, at times moving. there was vodka.  a consensus was reached.  the submissions were thunked.

winning idea

pvi rebels will use tik tok as a scaffold to create a call and response slogan chant “what do you want to learn?”

The initial call and response will be actioned by mini pvi rebels, shared and hash tagged to help it grow.

where does it need to take place?

social media – online

are there any legal implications to the activity?