james’s tiny revolution

  • date: 12 october 2019
  • challenge category: climate crisis
  • selected tactic: tiny sabotage
  • difficulty rating: 
  • current status: no available think time

the submission:

“The development of neighbourhood (street level) recycling hubs, where as much material as possible is not only sorted, and cleaned, into separate categories, but utilised via open source machinery to produce useful, electronics for the neighbourhood, reducing the logistics and waste burden on waste systems, forcing people to think about their waste at a local level, and critically; undermining the constant global trade in electronic devices, tools and appliances that are uneconomical to fix, because a distant company controls the intellectual property.

1. Open source recycling machines already exist (see Precious Plastics and the Rep Rap project)

2. Open source designs for common household tools already exist (see ReP_AL’s Robot Lawn Mower)

3. E-waste contains motors, wires, glass and metal hardware, sensors, batteries, and reworkable thermoplastic.

4. Moving waste, using space to store it, and contaminating good supplies of precious materials are enormous issues.

5. Importing and trading in many goods is only necessary because of the tight controls companies keep over design. Many of these tools are not patented, and even if they were, local manufacturing hubs would be nearly impossible to sue out of existence.

james, 15.10.19.

the thinking:

we ran out of available think time for this one : (

this submission will be rolled over into the next tiny revolutions event.

tactic: sabotage