an art gallery in miami has become the centre of the art world after a visiting artist ate another artist’s work.

italian artist maurizio cattelan’s installation featured a banana taped to wall. it was on display at the prestigious Art Basel exhibition when fellow artist david datuna walked up to it, pulled it from the wall and casually ate it in front of other gallery patrons. datuna has declared his actions to be his own performance art piece.

the artwork was worth US$120,000, it’s titled ‘comedian’ and the artist has created three versions. the work is not permanently damaged though, the gallery announced it will be rebuilt with a fresh banana.

the use of fruit in art got the attention of the tiny revolutions team. during our recent residency at the perth institute of contemporary art we created a work dubbed ‘sexy tomato’ which is currently on display in the gallery.

‘tiny revolutions’ invited members of the public to send in submissions about things they worried about in life, then we asked then to choose a tactic to bring more attention to their concern. davina wrote in and shared her thoughts about genetically modified foods.

we put her concern in front of a think-tank that included members of the public and they placed a brainstorming game that gave them just thirty minutes to come up with an artistic idea to draw attention to the issue.

following a discussion about how supermarkets reject crooked carrots and tomatoes that are not shiny enough, the think tank came up with the idea of creating the most beautiful tomato possible. dubbed ‘sexy tomato’ the final design included a well buffed tomato dressed with metallic studs.

sexy tomato has been on display at PICA since late november.

pvi collective is open to all offers for purchasing the work, the tomato may be replaced with a fresh one, or the current tomato can be included.

take a look at davina’s tiny revolution