tiny revolutions comes to adelaide for the first time!

image: top row, left to right: fleur kilpatrick, james dodd, kelli mccluskey
bottom row, left to right: manal younus, alexis west
image courtesy of pvi collective

in may, pvi collective will bring tiny revolutions to port adelaide for the very first time. performed at the heritage listed waterside worker’s hall, pvi will be working in collaboration with a selected cohort of kaurna-based artists.

pvi’s kelli mccluskey, kate neylon and long time creative comrade jason sweeney, will be joined by four rebel artists including:

alexis west is a birra gubba, wakka wakka, south sea islander and anglo-australian woman.

she’s written, directed, and performed in film and theatre, as well as poetry and dance events. alexis has also worked as an artistic director and writer and facilitated for many notable organisations in kaurna country.

you can find out more about alexis here or here

fleur kilpatrick has won multiple awards in recent years as a playwright. she’s also a director, programmer, and educator who does fascinating research about teaching emerging theatre makers care, and the new field of staging theatre of climate crisis and how to build and maintain sustainable artistic careers.

more about fleur’s career can be found here

james dodd works across a range of mediums and contexts. that means his art crosses boundaries, like the ones between visual street culture, alternative uses of space, and existing gallery conventions. his work is fits comfortably in traditional settings like art galleries, but also explores the new frontiers of visual street culture and using urban spaces creatively. think painting, graffiti, built structures, diy tech and gadgets, murals, and public art.

a catalogue of james’ works can be viewed here

manal younus is a storyteller from eritrea who lives and works in australia. she is many things, including a published poet, a formidable public speaker, a workshop facilitator, and a prominent youth empowerment and intercultural awareness activist.

discover more about manal’s works and poetry here.