rebecca’s tiny revolution

  • date: 7 october 2019
  • challenge category: status of women
  • selected tactic: tiny occupation
  • difficulty rating: tricky
  • current status: completed

a mens club for rebecca

the tiny revolutions team took on the challenge of getting into the exclusive weld club, which only accepts men as members, to post a notice announcing drink prices would be increasing by 23.1% in line with the disparity of incomes between men and women.   

the submission:

“there is still so much to be done but I believe change can be achieved through action and action alone at this moment in history.

rebecca, 7.10.19.

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

infiltrate men’s only club
their mission is to secure a sign on the toilet cubicle stating:
‘the price of an alcoholic beverage in this establishment has been raised by 23.1% to offset the current gender wage disparity in wa. thank you for your patronage. management’

how can we do it?

small a4 black and white text based poster on plain paper
possible dress / costuming needs to happen in order to enter the place anonymously

where does it need to take place?

mens only club in perth –weld club [wa’s leading gentlemen’s club – 145yr old institution] 3 barrack st perth, exchange tower
there is a password to get in and you have to know the name of an existing member.

are there any legal implications to the activity?


tactic: occupation