stuff the entitled‘s tiny revolution

  • date: 10 september 2020
  • challenge category: everything else
  • selected tactic: tiny occupation
  • difficulty rating: lawyer up
  • current status: completed

the doing: golf ball seed bombs for reclaim course

the rebels discussed ways in which private golf courses could be reclaimed by members of the public and nature. the action that resulted involved infiltrating a private golf course in sydney and sowing tomato seeds by stealth. golf balls made of compostable clay containing seeds were distributed through the golf course by rebels practising their swings.

the submission:

what overwhelms you?

“I’m overwhelmed by the stupidity and outright entitlement that golf courses symbolise.
A tiny group of wealthy men put money together to privatise a chunk of prime productive land, often enough with ample access to water resources, for the personal privilege of walking along with your mates throwing your dick around.
We live at a time and age that all Golf courses should be confiscated and turned into urban farms.

and why?

The task to reclaim such fields and public resources cannot be done with a single declaration.
We need a class and political action propped up by a strong civic initiative.

reclaim course, 10.9.20.

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

reclaim golf courses – 

civic action is needed – entitlememnt, privatising land, using resources 

1500 golf courses in australia

how can we do it?

guerilla action – rewilding – green public space, exclusivity 

objects; bag of native seeds. biodegradeable golf balls.

hold public and symbolic space. dressing up as golfers and walking the course and sowing seeds. 

build a suruptitious garden. 

golfers and gardeners. 

where does it need to take place?

golf club

are there any legal implications to the activity?

yes. tresspassing.