ripley’s tiny revolution

  • date: 28 september 2019
  • challenge category: climate crisis
  • selected tactic: tiny sabotage
  • difficulty rating: easy
  • current status: completed

native seeds for ripley

a refined idea saw rebel kelli calling multiple west australian suppliers of plants and crops asking about the possibility of stocking more native plants, causing them to question why more native species of plants aren’t promoted or made more available. 

the submission:

“I am a part of Generation Z and I am worried about my future. I want us all to fight for it because if we don’t, then life as we know it will be gone, just like when Thanos snaps his fingers.
In rural areas people have it the worst. Animals are dying of thirst and hunger. Fish are floating dead on the rivers and turtles are having a hard time with all the pollution.
Please don’t let ours be the last generation.

ripley, 28.9.19.

the thinking:

what can we do?

indigenous knowledge of the land is key to the future of farming. reference: dark emu by bruce pascoe and greatest estate on earth by bill gammage.

we could walk into or make a phone call to west farmers and ask where can we buy indigenous crops or seeds [yams or tubers are]? the aim is to make a tiny shift in the consumer food retail market as to what indigenous foods we could be eating in the future.

other ideas included, planting tubers in public.

how can we do it?

seek the corporation bruce pascoe or bill gammage to collaborate with us to allow us to insert his products into an existing store.

where does it need to take place?

nearest wesfarmers or bunnings retail outlet or corp office.

are there any legal implications to the activity?

need to use parody as a tactic.
record one side of the conversation.
how can we get away with taking a photo on the interaction in a shop.

the tactic: sabotage