sally’s tiny revolution

  • date: 16 april 2021
  • challenge category: status of women
  • selected tactic: sabotage
  • difficulty rating: 
  • current status: queued for thinking

the submission:

what overwhelms you?

“in a nutshell… Why isn’t there a female Viagra that works exceedingly well for Menopausal women? And on that, why isn’t there any signicant medical research done to relieve women of female specic medical issues, Endometriosis, period pain Etc. Because the data and research, time and investment is overwhelmingly male and in the meantime, men want to make sure women know that they don’t own their bodies or decisions about their bodies, whilst making judgments about their bodies of which women should be attered. All the while jealous as fuck that women can have multiple orgasms.”

sally, 16.4.20.