sam’s tiny revolution

  • date: 15 october 2019
  • challenge category: democracy
  • selected tactic: tiny blockade
  • difficulty rating: 
  • current status: completed

the perth skyline for sam

the think tank decided to prototype an idea for augmenting the perth skyline by removing or blocking out any corporate entities that have too much influence over our democracy. below is a mock up of what this might look like.

the submission:

The idea that democracy applies to everything is wrong. No majority should be able to vote on fundamental human rights, or be able to vote for or against things like genocidal policies or the wilful destruction of biomes. I’d like to see a blockade formed to place limits on the concept of liberal democracy itself. Of course, democracy is an important tool of grass roots power, but it needs to have boundaries placed upon it. Majorities are hegemonies. Admittedly, this is a challenging challenge for the tiny revolution. But things aren’t worth doing unless they’re difficult, right?

sam, 15.10.19.

the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

how much influence do corporations have over our political process and policy making? is there a way we can highlight the scale of corporate interest in politics in australia. the disclosure of corporate donations to political parties is a deeply problematic issue.

how can we do it?

construct a prototype for an augmented reality app that can cancel out city skyline branding for the viewer. blanking out the logos from corporate towers. 

where does it need to take place?

the view of the perth city skyline can be seen from pica studios. use this view to mock up a blocked skyline

are there any legal implications to the activity?

no direct naming of any corporations.

tactic: blockade