tiny revolutions

tiny revolutions

tiny revolutions is a participatory project aiming to develop a climate of creative resistance in response to the most immense global challenges society currently faces.

from climate crisis to rapid tech advancement, minority rights to the patriarchy, ‘tiny revolutions’ aims to take the overwhelming scale and  anxieties of these issues and transform them into bite-sized actions that pack a societal punch.

submit your epic problem by choosing one of millennium project’s 15 global challenges and select an intervention tactic for pvi collective to deploy, then fill out the submission form and hit submit.

on the receiving end of the submissions is the ‘tiny revolutions’ taskforce. made up of invited artists, industry experts, activists and members of the public, each submission is set a strict 30 minute time limit for the taskforce to dig deep, debate and devise a bespoke tiny revolution to be carried out in the public domain.

tiny revolutions has been grounded in the millennium project’s 15 global challenges. the millennium project has identified 15 global challenges for humanity, and we have a variety of different ways to respond and bring attention to each one.