yat-sen’s tiny revolution

  • challenge category: status of women
  • date: 24th october 2019
  • selected tactic: identity correction
  • difficulty rating: easy
  • current status: completed

superwoman scales

rebel kelli altered bathroom weighing scales placing women/ superwomen identities where the incremental weight dial was formerly.

the submission: 

When I was young I really admire my mother who was like a superwoman, managing her job and taking care of family members quite well, but as I gradually realize that she doesn’t have so much friends or her own entertainment activities. It seems that it takes a woman so much to act

as so many roles, a mother, a wife, a manager… As a woman, I myself begin to think about how my life should go in order to realize my value and make every effort I make worthy. we need a revolution to let women live in a better and more respectable world.



-the thinking:

what is the idea we are moving forward with?

how do we celebrate the true weight and value of women and their hidden super powers? subvert bathroom weighing scales with a modified display showing degrees of value of an everyday super woman.

how can we do it?

get hold of some old weighing scales and replace the ‘number’ dial with strong female leaders image / images of amazing women leaders thru herstory.

keep it lo-fi / open up scales and and paste head portraits where the progressive numbers would be on the bathroom scales.

where does it take place?

installed in a space of consumption / or out on the street appear in public space for a period of time and invite anyone identifying as female to stand on them and contemplate their inner super-fem,  possibly at a pharmacy. [link to contraception and mental well-being].

are there any legal implications?


tactic: identity correction